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How To Keep Away The Spam Emails With The Help Of Hotmail Technical Support Services?

We often get lot of mails that are automatically diverted to Spam which comes without even we signing it for. Most of them are useless and most of them are scams and lead to a huge loss like loss of personal data and loss of other important information which can prove to be danger.

Though Hotmail has set of policies and other safety system to help prevent such mails but still they manage to enter your inbox. There are some basic that you need to take care to avoid such harmful mails.

  • Blocking people you don’t know or are unwanted:- All the unwanted emails gets filtered and go to Junk Folder. Don’t login to any unwanted website or sign in on any advertorial emails. But if did it unknowingly then you can always unsubscribe it.
  • Don’t share your email with unwanted people:- Don’t share your email-ID with just anyone, only with people who you want can contact you.
  • Don’t reply to unnecessary emails:- Always answer only those emails which are sent by the sender you know. Don’t reply to advertorial or spam emails. If you receive any email says you will get lot of money or give you good business, don’t ever answer those emails. They can be a huge threat to you.
  • Always read Privacy Policy:- Whenever you visit any website whether it is a banking website, shopping sites, business sites etc. all read privacy policy before signing up. Don’t share any kind of personal information.
  • Have a good antivirus installed:- Get a good antivirus installed in your pc to avoid any virus attack. Firewall will guard your computer system from any virus, Trojans, or malware enter your pc.

How Would I Change My Recovery Email On Hotmail?

If you feel that you are getting lot of spam emails that are not able to manage, or by mistake have clicked on any spam email and have a fear of loss of any type of data, then immediately call Hotmail Support Number Australia 1800-000-000. We will save you from getting your data lost or hacked. Call our well-trained technicians who will take the remote access of your pc and solve all problems step by step.