How To Use My Hotmail Account from Windows Live Mail?

Do you need help to learn how to use your Hotmail account from Windows Live Mail? Well if so, then you got to be glad that you have reached the place where you should. And in case you have some related issues feel free to connect with the Hotmail Customer Service Number, any time you like. And the most skilled experts will provide you with the same in no time.

Follow the steps below as instructed to get the correct results:

  • You need to start by going to the Windows Live Mail ribbon menu and then you must select the ‘Accounts’ tab.
  • Next, you are required to select the ‘Email’ option. And you will have the Email Accounts windows opened on the screen.
  • You now need to enter your email address, password, and display name as well for your sent messages.
  • And now you must select the ‘Remember this password’ checkbox.
  • After that, you got to select the ‘Manually configure server settings’ checkbox and then select the Next button.
  • You also need to select the ‘Server Type’ drop-down arrow and go to choose the IMAP setting.
  • For the ‘Incoming Server information,’ you need to go to the ‘Server Address’ text box and then also enter
  • Now select the ‘Requires a secure connection’ (SSL) checkbox.
  • And in the ‘Port’ text box, you will have to enter 993.
  • Next, you should select the ‘Authenticate using’ drop-down arrow and then you got to choose the ‘Clear Text’ option.
  • After doing so, in the ‘Login user name’ text box, you will have to enter your full Hotmail email address.
  • Next, in the ‘Outgoing server information,’ you need to go to the ‘Server address’ text box and now you have to enter, and in the ‘Port’ you should enter 587.
  • And select the ‘Requires a secure connection’ and the ‘Requires authentication’ checkboxes.
  • Lastly, you just have to select the next and the ‘Finish’ buttons.

Now you should be all set and ready to use your Hotmail account without any difficulty. However, if you face some issues then you can Contact Hotmail Support Australia. The technicians will immediately guide you further with reliable solutions.