How To Organize Your Inbox Emails On Your Hotmail Account?

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Hotmail is the digital platform that is used by billions of people for exchanging emails and documents over the internet. Hotmail offers various advanced features, Hotmail users can utilize these features to improve their mailing experience. Hotmail users can share ample of emails through their Hotmail account. Hotmail is loaded with A-level security tools, you can use these security tools to improve your Hotmail account security.

Hotmail users can also get in touch with Hotmail virtual assistant by sending your issues via Hotmail IM bot. You can get instructions from the Hotmail helpdesk if you want to know how to change Conversation View or you can also follow the steps written in the below article and get help in organizing your conversations according to your requirement.

Steps to view and edit the documents without downloading them on your system:

  • First, access your Hotmail account by logging in to it from the Hotmail sign in page.
  • Now on your Hotmail main window, you will find the “Arrange By” button below the search bar, click on the “Arrange By” button.
  • You will get an option bar, using these options you can arrange your emails according to the date, by prioritizing the sender, subject, and size of the email.
  • Select the option which is convenient for you to access your emails quickly.
  • Now your emails will be organized according to your requirement.

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