How To Move Hotmail Messages to Outlook Manually?

Are you trying to move your Hotmail messages to Outlook manually but unable to do so? Well, now that you have reached here you will be guided accordingly with the procedure to get the same done in no time. And if you have some queries related then you can connect with Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number any time you want. The team will assist you with the appropriate solutions no matter what the situation might be.

  • First of all, you will have to open the Outlook Inbox.
  • And then you need to hover over a message that you want to move and select the checkbox. Now to move several emails to the same folder, you must select the checkbox for each message.
  • Next, you got to select the ‘Move to’ option in the toolbar and choose a folder. However, if you do not see the folder name, then you can select the ‘All folders’ option and choose the folder from the given list.
  • Now finally you need to repeat the same process with the emails destined for other folders.

If you would like to move your Hotmail messages automatically to Outlook, then follow these steps mentioned below:

  • You need to open the Outlook Focused Inbox. But if you do not see the ‘Focused Inbox’ then you should go to Settings and turn on the ‘Focused Inbox toggle switch.
  • After that, you will have to hover over an unimportant, junk, or spam email and then select the checkbox.
  • And now you need to select the ‘Move to’ option which is at the top of the current screen.
  • You also need to select the ‘Always move to Other Inbox’ option.
  • And at last, the email from that particular individual or sender address is removed to the Other inbox automatically, leaving out your important emails that are in the ‘Focused Inbox’

Once you have gone through the given steps thoroughly, you will be able to get started with work. But in case you face any sort of difficulties then you just have to call the Hotmail Technical Support Australia instantly. The technicians will right away help you with the required solutions.